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Other Garden Grant Opportunities

A number of organizations provide funding for schoolyard gardens. Read below for the specific requirements of the grants.

GreenWorks! Garden Grants

Special GreenWorks! Pollinator Garden Grants are available for teachers and students participating in PollinatorLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure. *Participating teachers can apply for GreenWorks! funding to create pollinator gardens in your schoolyard or community. The maximum grant amount is $500, and the deadline to apply is December 3, 2010.

To Receive a GreenWorks! pollinator garden grant:

  1. Applicant must be trained in Project Learning Tree® (PLT)
  2. Applicant must be registered for and participate in PollinatorLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure
  3. A main component of the project must include the creation of a pollinator garden on school grounds or in the community
  4. Youth must implement the project
  5. Project must integrate student learning and community service
  6. Project must include at least one community partner
  7. Project must acquire 50% matching funds (may be in-kind)

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National Gardening Association

The National Gardening Association works with sponsoring companies and organizations to provide in-kind grants to projects that actively engage kids in the garden and improve the quality of life for their communities. To be eligible for these awards, your school or organization must plan to garden with at least 15 kids between the ages of 3 and 18. Please note that all grant winners are required to complete a year-end impact report (see individual grants for details).

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Seeds for Education - Grants for School Gardens and Community Nature Areas

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program gives small monetary grants to schools, nature centers, or other non-profit educational organizations for the purpose of establishing outdoor learning centers. The grant recipient learning centers are those which most successfully reflect the Wild Ones mission to educate and share information about the benefits of using native plants in our landscape and to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound environmentally sound practices. Only through this knowledge, can we appreciate humankind's proper place in the web of life. Applicants must apply by October 15 of the year prior to the grant year.

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