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Monarch Links

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Monarch Sites - General

  • Journey North - a site devoted to tracking the migrations of many wildlife species
  • MonarchWatch - a comprehensive site dedicated to education, conservation, and research on monarchs
  • Texas Monarch Watch - a Texas Parks and Wildlife sponsored program monitoring all stages of monarchs in Texas
  • - Welcome to the world of monarch butterfly parasites! In this website you will find information about the Ophryocystis elektroskirrha (Oe) parasite, how to rear healthy monarchs, check for parasites in adult monarchs, and some of the latest research from on OE.
  • The Monarch Butterfly in North America - A website put together by several federal agencies that is a gateway to news, information, activities, and resources about the biology and conservation of monarch butterflies.
  • Monarch Stock Photography - at FotoSearch - hundreds of images of the monarch, including National Geographic images
  • The Reppert Lab - Dr. Steven M. Reppert and his associates at the University of Massachusetts Medical School use anatomical, cellular, molecular, electrophysiological, genetic and behavioral approaches to more fully understand the biological basis of monarch migration, with a focus on the butterfly's navigational abilities and its distinctive circadian clock. Their website is intended as a resource and a gateway for monarch lovers of all stripes (and spots).

Monarch Citizen Science

  • Monarch Larva Monitoring Project - help track the distribution and abundance of monarch eggs and larvae throughout the monarch breeding range
  • - The North American network of monarch butterfly monitoring programs
  • Southwest Monarch Project - is studying the migration patterns of Monarch Butterflies in Arizona. They are working to 1) identify and describe the migration behavior of monarchs as they travel through the southwestern United States each fall, 2) provide a meaningful research project for citizen scientists of all ages throughout Arizona, and 3) encourage and monitor monarch conservation activities in Arizona. One of the most exciting findings documented by this project is recoveries of monarchs tagged in Arizona in both Mexico and California.
  • Monarch Watch - track migrating monarchs as part of a continent-wide tagging program
  • Journey North - help to track the migrations of many wildlife species, including monarchs
  • Monarch Monitoring Project - help track monarch migrations in Cape May, NJ
  • North American Butterfly Association - participate in the annual 4th of July Butterfly count
  • Texas Monarch Watch - track the migration of monarchs through Texas each fall and spring
  • - an online database of projects for citizen scientists of all ages to participate in
  • Access Minnesota Interview: Citizen Scientists and the Fight to Save Monarch Butterflies - Dr. Karen Oberhauser provides information on citizen science and using monarchs in education in the Access Minnesota interview.
  • Project MonarchHealth - a monitoring project that surveys monarch butterflies for infection by the protozoan parasite Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE)
  • Driven to Discover Videos - UMN Extension - This short video series describes the University of Minnesota Extension Driven to Discover project and getting youth involved in citizen science. Hear from the youth about their projects and learn what scientists are doing to help!

Monarch Education

Monarch Conservation

  • Monarch Joint Venture - a partnership of federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic programs that are working together to support and coordinate efforts to protect the monarch migration across the lower 48 United States.
  • Ecotourism: A Tool for Sustainable Development - an informational article on ecotourism issues
  • The Monarch Butterfly Fund (MBF) - MBF is formed through the merger of the Michoacán Reforestation Fund (MRF) and the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF). While the focus of MBF will be on the overwintering sites, in select cases conservation activities may take place in the breeding or migratory range. MBF will support forest conservation, restoration, and scientific research.
  • Monarch Alert Project - collaborative research to locate sites where monarchs stop during their fall migration in California
  • Forests For Monarchs - Dedicated to forest restoration and promoting sustainable forest management in Central Mexico to benefit the people and other creatures who depend on the forests, as well as to assure a healthy planet for future generations.

Monarch Current Events

Butterfly Sites

Butterfly Gardening Sites

Insect Sites

  • - Insect Collecting and Information for Kids
  • The Utah Bug Club Guide - Learn how to start your own bug club, or just study insects on your own. A great resources on observing, identifying and collecting all sorts of insects.
  • The Xerces Society - a site focused on public education about invertebrates
  • BugGuide.Net - online resource devoted to North American insects, piders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information

Milkweed Sites